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Do your players think like elite performers? What gives elite players the edge over their competition who underperform?

Us Tour January 2018

What is the most crucial element of elite performance in sport?

Paul McVeigh is a former EPL soccer player for clubs in England for nearly 20 years playing for clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, Burnley and Norwich City, whilst gaining 40 caps internationally for Northern Ireland and winning 2 league championships.

Paul has recently finished his studies which means he is the 1st person ever to play in the English Premier League and complete his Masters in Sport Psychology. He is also a published author of the ironically entitled book β€˜The Stupid Footballer Is Dead’ and started his own company β€˜ThinkPRO’, which works on the psychological development of elite sport.

In January 2018, Paul will be presenting his expert insights to the country’s best coaches at the United Soccer Coaches’ convention in Philadelphia, PA. If you would like Paul to deliver his ‘High Performing Mind’ 2 hour workshop on mental performance at your team, college or university then email now to discuss availability:

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US Psychology Tour January 2018:

Jan 18th – United Soccer Coaches’ President Reception (Philadelphia, PA)

Jan 19th – United Soccer Coaches’ Panel discussion @16:00 (Philadelphia, PA)

Jan 20th – United Soccer Coaches’ High Performing Mind @16:00 (Philadelphia, PA)

Jan 21st – United Soccer Coaches’ Convention (Philadelphia, PA)

Jan 22nd – High Performing Mind (Louisville, KY)