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Nov 19


Trust in the Process

I’ve always had faith that if you trust in the process everything will work out in the end. I’ve just been reading a great email. It was from a speaking agency wondering if I would be interested in delivering a Keynote Speech for a ‘blue chip’ company, one of the major players in the world […]

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Oct 19


Making Things Happen

So, how’s your summer been? Has a beach featured? The occasional bar or two? My summer was all set to be a quiet one but I’m all about making things happen. One that might, in the end, have featured any of the above attractions. I didn’t have any work booked. So the temptation to take […]

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Nov 18


Time for a Change

Do you watch Dragons Den? You’ll be familiar with James Caan then. He’s the man who, for me, is responsible for the greatest change when it comes to choosing how I live my life. “When everyone is turning right then you should turn left”. It’s a philosophy I’ve tried to follow as best I can. This […]

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Oct 18


How to be a Mexican Fisherman

I’ve a wee parable about modern life for you to read this week. It’s called The Story Of The Mexican Fisherman. You can read it by clicking here. It’s a tale that has, admittedly, done the rounds. So you may be familiar with it. But, even if you are, what about the message behind it? […]

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Sep 18


It’s All About Balance

For those who live outside the bubble of the game, the life of a professional footballer probably looks as close to perfection as possible. Especially for those players who are established at Premier League level. Now, before you think I’m going to contradict all of the above: don’t worry, I’m not. It can be a […]

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Jul 18


Believe You Can Be Better

  Bob Dylan warbled about how the times they are a changin’. That song could be a metaphor for what I believe about my life right now. In my last few blogs I’ve written about how my life is so very different now to what it was fifteen, ten, even one year ago. As many […]

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Jun 18


Costessey Sports Boys Football Club at their ‘End of season awards’

Delighted to speak with Costessey Sports Boys Football Club at their ‘End of season awards’ last night! Always good to have a laugh at yourself but even better when the audience joins in with the craic!  

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Apr 18


The Shirt of Shirts

Last time out I wrote about how I was clearing out all of the shirts that I’ve collected throughout my career in professional football. They once all meant a lot to me for a variety of reasons but the fact that I have managed to live my life in recent years with them all bagged […]

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Feb 18


Out with the Old

For most people, a trip up into the dark recesses of their attic is something they do on just two occasions a year. To get the Christmas decorations down. Before putting them back up there again a couple of weeks later. Whilst, at all times, trying to ignore all the other stuff that is taking […]

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Jan 18


Life Begins Right Now (Part 2)

Last time out I wrote about how, upon reaching my 40th Birthday, I was reflecting on how my life has changed over the last few years. I’m no longer Paul McVeigh the professional footballer. I’m Paul McVeigh the businessman. Moving on. With no regrets and no New Year’s Resolutions either because I believe we should be […]

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