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the stupid footballer is dead

The Stupid Footballer is Dead:

Paul’s debut book, titled ‘The Stupid Footballer is Dead’ has been dubbed as ‘ahead of its time’ and gives an insider’s perspective on how professional football in the modern era is played every bit as much in the mind as on the pitch

Natural talent is no longer enough to sustain a career. Players need to be smart. Those who are dedicated, with mental resilience and a winner’s psychology, are prospering and will continue to do so as the game evolves. The stupid footballer, however, is dead.

‘The Stupid Footballer is Dead’ delves into the mind of a professional footballer and is spiced with personal anecdotes and a look behind the scenes into the approach of some of the game’s highest performers. Paul sees these footballers as developing a psychological fortitude to succeed, with traits such as:


  • taking personal responsibility for their own success
  • developing a positive self-image to meet adversity with strength
  • mixing intensity with control
  • listening, considering, analysing, learning, improving.


This book will appeal to sports fans who want to get inside the head of top professionals. And if there is one book to be read by players at all levels who want to improve their performance on the pitch then this is it.


Paul McVeigh, was a professional footballer for 16 years, playing for clubs Tottenham Hotspur, Luton Town, Burnley and Norwich City, and representing Northern Ireland at senior level. Since retiring from football, Paul has worked extensively with youngsters in football academies, delivered seminars and workshops and established himself as a sports presenter in the national media.


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