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What can the business world learn from a ‘Stupid Footballer’? The answer is a hell of a lot! Paul McVeigh, football’s No. 1 keynote speaker, takes the many lessons he learnt from his 16 years at the top of his game as a Premier League footballer for Tottenham Hotspur and Norwich City and translates these into strategies for success for organisations from all different walks of business life.

How do you reach the pinnacle of one of the most ruthless industries in the world? Having faced some of the world’s best footballers from the last decade, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, Paul is now passing on his knowledge and passion to help individuals, and companies as a whole, become the best in their field too... Read More

Keynote & After Dinner Speaking

Paul has rapidly established himself as one of the best keynote speakers around and he also delivers after dinner speeches for companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Paul McVeigh as Investec's Keynote Speaker
  • The Joy of Zoom

How are you adapting to life under ‘lockdown’? For many people, primarily those who do not normally work from home, it must be quite a challenge. Previously, being told to stay at home and do your own thing, especially if you’re being paid to do so, is the sort of situation a lot of us could […]

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  • Embracing Bad News

I guess embracing bad news comes just a little easier when you realise that it isn’t just you that’s feeling the pressure the Covid-19 outbreak has brought to all of our lives. Everyone in the world is in the same place right now. Fearful? Quite probably. Frustrated? Again, yes. Confused? I’d say there’s a lot […]

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  • Aspirations for All

I’ve recently been the guest speaker at an event organised by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive in my home city of Belfast. Their goals are laudable, a desire to ensure that everyone in Northern Ireland has aspirations of decent, affordable housing, which they work towards by linking up with communities and other organisations in order […]

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Doing his bit for charity

Please click here to support Paul in his quest to get his wee legs around London marathon in under 4 hours!!
All monies donated will be given towards raising funds and awareness for MacMillan Cancer Support.
Today 889 people will be hit with the news that they have cancer, then it will hit everyone who loves them. But up to a quarter of people face cancer without support from family or friends. No one should face cancer alone. And with your support no one will.

Aspirations for All